Fairytale Pony, yellow w/ pink hair

Price: €0.75

Hair: Mane is coming out, the bottom part of the mane fell out when I tried to comb it so I left it in that funky hairdo. Tail is in better condition but also sheds.
Body: A couple of specs on the forehead (a light and a dark one) and two small orange marks on the back of the neck. Small line behind the right ear. Maybe a bit faded on the right side and on the forelegs. Otherwise good condition.
Eyes: Great with only minor wear to the right eye.
Body markings: Great. Small dark green mark in the right marking but I think it's a factory error.

Gul lyserod 2

Gul lyserod 3

Gul lyserod 4

Gul lyserod 5

Gul lyserod 6
The line in the top bow is a hair

Gul lyserod 7

Gul lyserod 8

Gul lyserod 9